Geek & Sassy #25

July 13, 2018

Summer is in full swing and Geek and Sassy is back with a bang! Jenny and Mirandia share their thoughts on the full seasons of the CW superhero line up, recommend some steamy and thrilling audio books, and plug a few of their favorite podcasts. Then they continue their look into the DC Elseworlds imprint with a comic book review of Batman: The Doom that came to Gotham. How many thumbs up did they give this mashup of Batman and Lovecraftian horror? Also, what would Mirandia offer to a cop to get out of a speeding ticket? Find out during Nerd Eye Candy!!!


Geek & Sassy #24

May 8, 2018

In the 24th installment of Geek and Sassy, Jennifer and Mirandia recount tales from their recent travels! They take you from Wisconsin to New Orleans and from Washington D.C. to Atlanta! Back at home, the girls check out some TV shows, books, and comics. Stick around for a discussion and review of the animated movie Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. How does this Elseworlds story hold up against the comic book version? Who is Jack the Ripper?? And what the hell is a Cock Robin??? All these answers and more, including Nerd Eye Candy!



Geek & Sassy #23

March 28, 2018

​In the 23rd episode of Geek and Sassy, the girls talk weird weather, travel plans, and break-ins. No Reads and Streams this time because.....reasons. But there are some Downloads to share. Be sure to stick around for the long-awaited, often re-scheduled first appearance of Hard Traveling Fanboy, Nick Duke! Jenny, Mirandia and Nick discuss Jessica Jones: Alias vol.1! From implied interracial anal sex to snappy dialogue, this book has it all!! Who does Nick choose for his Nerd Eye Candy? The answer may surprise you.


Geek & Sassy #22

March 7, 2018

Get pumped for the latest edition of Geek and Sassy! Jenny and Mirandia talk girls night out, along with the most recent Read and Streams they've been enjoying. Then they welcome Robert Lawrence, otherwise known as Bobert The Balloon Guy! Robert is an award-winning balloon artist, cosplayer, professional prop maker and graduate of the esteemed American Clown Academy. Yes, that's a real thing. Get to know Robert in this fun and interesting interview and stick around for their Nerd Eye Candy picks!


Geek & Sassy: The Sassies!

February 21, 2018

It's awards season, so what better time for the 1st Annual Sassies! Listen as Jenny and Mirandia announce the winners chosen by their amazing audience. From Favorite Actors to Favorite Frenemies, the ladies cover a myriad of categories from the TV landscape in 2017. The show wouldn't be complete without the Ship of the Year and Nerd Eye Candy of the Year!


Geek & Sassy #20: Top 5 90s TV Shows

January 15, 2018

Oh snap, it's the 20th episode of Geek and Sassy! Jenny and Mirandia kick off the new year with some ranting, some cheesing, and some ghostly mystery solving. Then it's time to get crunk when the girls drop their Top 5 90's tv shows on ya. From West Philadelphia to where no one has gone before, they cover it all. How do their lists stack up against yours? Join them in the Dark Side for Nerd Eye Candy!


Geek & Sassy #19

December 1, 2017

​Convention season is in full swing so Jenny and Mirandia bring to you tales of their adventures!! Hear about which celebrities they met, the panels they were involved in, and much more! Also includes full sized editions of Reads, Streams and Downloads! (Spoiler warning for Stranger Things 2, just saying). And a Southern fried Nerd Eye Candy. Y'all don't miss it!


Geek & Sassy #18

November 11, 2017

​In this extremely timely episode of Geek and Sassy, just pretend that it's still Halloween....ok? Scheduling has gone amok, amok, amok but the ladies had such a blast with their head-canon bestie, Tim Capel, talking about Stranger Things. To be clear, this was recorded before the second season began so its completely spoiler-free as far as that goes. They go all in with the Halloween theme (just.....ok?) with Oh Ship It and Nerd Eye Candy.


Geek & Sassy #17: Fall TV Preview Continues!

October 2, 2017

Fall TV previews continue with a look at the CW lineup! Jenny and Mirandia welcome Russell Sellers of the Sellers Points podcast for a lively discourse about their favorite superhero shows...and a few others (ahem! Supernatural). They consider new and returning cast members, possible storylines, and developments they hope not to see. In addition to making Russell participate in Nerd Eye Candy, the ladies also debut a fun new segment called Oh Ship It!


Geek & Sassy #16: Fall TV Preview

September 17, 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! You guessed it, Fall TV time!! Jenny and Mirandia break out their calendars to get you up to date on the new and returning shows this fall.  Tune in to hear what the girls will be watching and maybe skipping (ahem! Inhumans).  What are you most excited to check out? And from deep within a pocket dimension, they bring you Nerd Eye Candy.


Geek & Sassy #15

September 7, 2017

In the 15th episode, the dynamic duo go in depth with their current Reads, Streams and Downloads. One show in particular brings up an interesting conversation on an issue near and dear to their hearts. In the second half, Jenny and Mirandia review and discuss the classic animated movie Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Does it hold up? Is the Joker a necessary addition to the film? And as always, get a taste of that Nerd Eye Candy.


Geek & Sassy #14

July 26, 2017

​In the midst of a busy summer, Jenny and Mirandia finally sit down to catch up on Streams, Reads, and Downloads. Let's be real here, they are behind on a lot of their geeky pursuits but Jenny is counting down prison style until back to school. There's still plenty to discuss as Mirandia recounts her experience at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville, followed by a reasonable conversation about their differing opinions on the 13th Doctor. The show is wrapped up with a pair of hunky dudes during Nerd Eye Candy.


Geek & Sassy #13

June 1, 2017

It's lucky number 13! Make sure you are woke for this episode. Things get a little extra when Jenny and Mirandia talk about Streams, Reads, and Downloads. With tons of tv shows getting the ax recently, the girls wondered if some of them are gone too soon...or not soon enough? You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll definitely get a taste of Nerd Eye Candy. 


Geek & Sassy #12

May 4, 2017
In the latest episode, the ladies discuss Jenny's questionable tooth fairy schemes and Mirandia's love of smutty books! They also have new Streams, Reads and Downloads to tell you about. They are joined by a very special guest who will share some D&D stories and some basic tips on how to play. Also, that Nerd Eye Candy, tho.

Geek & Sassy #11

April 13, 2017

Moms by day, Netflix bingers by night; Jennifer and Mirandia are friends who will gush over their fandoms for hours with anyone. They are also known to fight over who gets to have Stephen Amell as a second husband. After a bit of an unintentional break, Jenny and Mirandia are back to catch you up on what they've been Streaming, Reading, and Downloading. This includes many TV shows....even Riverdale.  Comic books, novels, and audio books are also on the menu! And don't worry, you won't need a paper bag for our Nerd Eye Candy.​