Lucha Undead: Craft Lagers

March 14, 2017

This week we try some interesting craft lagers. Follow us @luchaunead and @delaboots


Lucha Undead: Get to Know the Last of the Titans - Pete

March 7, 2017

Timothy’s two podcasts collide this week as the guest is none other than the host of TWIW Indie & Int’l & Space City! Pete Schirmacher (aka shoe @titansowrestlin). The now former co-host of Titians of Wrestling gets into his upbringing, becoming the wrestling fan he is today, his analytical side, his jock side, his sci-fi side, & his ruckus-causing side. Even Timothy gets to know Pete better even after doing a weekly podcast with him all this time.


Top Beer: Brown Style

March 2, 2017

​This week we explore brown style beers. We also talk about Tim's trip to Northern California and some of the delicious beers Adrian tried at the Winter Craft Beer Festival. 


Lucha Undead: Tom Batista from the Military Industrial Suplex

February 22, 2017

This week Timothy & ADLT are joined by a relatively new host to the Pro Wrestling Only feed and PTBN, but a long time member of the board, Tom Batista. We get in to his childhood and what led to him being the perfect host for Military Industrial Suplex. Tom moved around and switched disciplines until finally finding his perfect place in the world. Tom even shows off his hosting skills as he takes over and starts to ask us some questions. Tom is in a league all his own bring witty, cool, and thoughtful discussion to the PWO network so go check out his show Military Industrial Suplex and follow him on twitter once he has one.​


Top Beer: Brews in the News

February 15, 2017

 Is craft beer dying? Find out in this week's brews in the news!  


Lucha Undead: Get to Know Joey Clift

February 7, 2017

This week we are joined by comedian and podcaster Joey Clift (@joeytainment) of the You Should Love Wrestling Podcast (@YSLWPodcast). Joey talks to us about how he came up with his idea for the podcast as well as his other show 25 Minutes of Silence. You can check out the rest of Joey’s work at

Follow us @luchaundead and @delaboots


Top Beer: Mexican Beers

January 31, 2017

This week we go south of the border (figuratively) before the wall goes up and try some Mexican cervezas!  


Top Beer Shot #8

January 27, 2017

Tim and Adrian talk beer AND Star Wars!


Top Beer: Scotch Ales

January 17, 2017

This week we try some scotch/scottish ales. What's the difference? Nothing, really BUT join us on our bi-monthly adventure! Also follow us @luchaundead

Adrian's picks:

Moylan’s scotch-style ale

Ballast Point piper down​

Bristol Brewing laughing lab 

Tim's picks:

Oskar Blues - old chub 

Devil’s Canyon Brewing - full boar scotch ale

Boulevard Brewing Company - snow and tell naked scotch ale


Lucha Undead: Get to Know QT Moody

January 11, 2017

This week QT Moody from Psychology is Dead (Pro Wrestling Only feed) & Sopressa Es Lucha (Wrestling With Words) joins us to talk about growing up in Baltimore, and is it really like The Wire? We also talk on QT's childhood, family, tattoos, music & sports background. QT is a young man but he's wise & experience beyond his years which comes through not just in his wrestling coverage but his entire personality. You can follow @qt_moody on Twitter and be sure to check out his podcasts.


Top Beer: 2016 Beer of the Year

January 3, 2017

It's a big show!  We narrow down our top beers that we've had on the show where only ONE will come out on top for 2016.  We also do some Brews in the News and we fondly look back at the tumultuous year that was 2016.  


Top Beer: Seasonal Beers

December 20, 2016

Get into the holiday spirit with Adrian and Tim trying a bunch of seasonal brews.


Lucha Undead: Get to Know VOW’s Drew Wardlaw

December 13, 2016

Join Tim & ADLT this week as they are joined by Drew Wardlaw (@_burningspirits) from Voices of Wrestling. This is a doozy of an episode; in fact it was so jaw-dropping at times we aren't going to even tease you with it. So just go listen to get the dirty on the insane past of this seemingly mild-mannered puro podcaster, and if for some reason you aren't satisfied tweet @luchaundead for a full refund.​


Top Beer: Berthoud Brewing

December 6, 2016

This week we take a break from our usual format of reviewing beers and we bring you our visit to the Berthoud Brewing Company in Berthoud, Colorado. Adrian gets a tour of the brewery and learns about the process on how beer is made and a little bit about how a brewery business is run. Visit for more info and be sure to follow us @luchaundead and the newly revived @storygerm podcast.​


Top Beer: Shot #8

December 2, 2016

In this episode Tim and Adrian reflect a little bit on the election (don't worry we don't go off on TOO much of a tangent) and Tim tries a beer that's good enough to make you hurl.  Literally.