Geek & Sassy #4

October 17, 2016

Moms by day, Netflix bingers by night; Jennifer and Mirandia are friends who will gush over their fandoms for hours with anyone. They are also known to fight over who gets to have Stephen Amell as a second husband.

This week, Jenny and Mirandia catch you up with their Streams and Reads. Then they are joined by a special guest, Brett Brooks. Brett is an illustrator, writer, and actor. His most recent publications include the gritty crime noir "Dust Bunny", the space western "Deuces Wild", and his tongue-in-cheek gag book "How to Kill a Spider" and "How to Kill a Spider More."  Brett talks about his early years, influences, and what's on his Spotify playlist. The ladies even convince him to stay for Nerd Eye his dismay.


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