Imaginary Stories Episode 10: Archie Comics

March 30, 2017

Kelly and Johnny hop in the old jalopy and head to Riverdale, USA for an epic retrospective of Archie Comics from 1941 to the present!

Highlights include:

-The story of Archie's debut
-The myriad of creative talents over the years
-Little Archie
-Crazy and controversial parodies
-Pureheart and the Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E.
-The smash success of The Archies band in the late-60s
-Archie and God
-The modern revival
-How Archie on TV sucked until 2017 (and why "Riverdale" is so awesome)
-And much. much more

Put some Pep in your step with Imaginary Stories!


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