Sellers Points: Bottom 5 Animated Comic Book Shows

November 17, 2016

Two guys talking comics and selling you on the idea of buying only the best, Sellers Points comes to you twice monthly only on Place To Be Nation POP! Long-time friends and comic nerds, Russell and Kelley use every episode to tell you about the best in comics and comics adaptations along with their own brand of “award-winning” analysis. 

It’s Part 2 of this month’s episodes as the guys layout the worst in animated comic book TV shows. They can’t all be winners, right? And these are about as far from winning as it gets. Laugh and cringe along as they lay the proverbial smackdown on the Bottom Five Comic Book TV Shows Ever! And check out the list of nominees and rules for consideration below.

Rules for consideration: Must have had at least one season that aired and based on pre-existing comic book properties and/or characters. Russell and Kelley had to agree to its inclusion. 



Iron Man: Armored Adventures 

Fantastic Four (90s)

Iron Man (90s)

The Incredible Hulk (90s)

Spider-Man Unlimited

Ultimate Spider-Man

Wild CATs

Beware The Batman 

Hulk and the Agents of SMASH

Avengers Assemble 

Swamp Thing 

The Batman 

Teen Titans Go!

Ultra Force


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