Talk’n Pop 4

May 12, 2018

In the latest edition of Talk'n Pop, Jenny and Tim lure JT Rozzero back to the show to share his thoughts on... Jersey Shore: Family Vacation? Sigh. Tim and JT run down the season thus far with some of their favorite moments. Plus, it's almost time for those blockbusters, so stick around for a Summer Movie Preview! From Deadpool 2 to Crazy Rich Asians, there's a little something for everyone.


Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #108: Off the Page — Avengers Assemble

May 10, 2018

In Off the Page, Greg and Nick take a look at comic book media outside the printed page. In this edition, they review the first two episodes of the ongoing Disney XD Marvel Comics animated series “Avengers Assemble.” As a replacement for the excellent “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” this cartoon had a lot to live up to. Does it clear the bar? (SPOILER: Absolutely not.)


PTBN Play: #GameStruck 4 - The NES

May 9, 2018

Jordan and Brad share memories of the NES and the four games that best defined the system for them.


Geek & Sassy #24

May 8, 2018

In the 24th installment of Geek and Sassy, Jennifer and Mirandia recount tales from their recent travels! They take you from Wisconsin to New Orleans and from Washington D.C. to Atlanta! Back at home, the girls check out some TV shows, books, and comics. Stick around for a discussion and review of the animated movie Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. How does this Elseworlds story hold up against the comic book version? Who is Jack the Ripper?? And what the hell is a Cock Robin??? All these answers and more, including Nerd Eye Candy!



Marvel Age Podcast Featuring the Sarcastic Four: Episode One - 1961-1962

May 7, 2018

Welcome to the Marvel Age! Each month PTBN Comics' very own Sarcastic Four (Nick Duke, Tim Capel, Russell Sellers and Todd Weber) take an in-depth year-by-year look at Marvel Comics' publishing history, focusing on 10 significant issues from that year. The team looks at important character debuts, discusses significant comic creators, and places social and historical context of the era onto the books, all culminating in a holistic look at the Marvel Age of Comics.

This inaugural episode takes a concentrated look at Marvel's output from November 1961 until the end of 1962. The Sarcastic Four talk about Marvel Comics' origins as a company, they discuss the extremely crucial contributions of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, and our team chronologically looks at the first comic book appearances of the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man and Ant-Man.


Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #107: The Longbook Hunters — The Man of Steel

May 4, 2018

Mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke share an intense love of comic books that has made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys. Over the course of their travels through comicdom, they have encountered numerous stories via the wonder of trade paperbacks and graphic novels. Once a month, Nick and Greg will review one of those collections in The Longbook Hunters. In this excursion, the boys celebrate 80 years of Superman by looking at one of the landmark stories in the character's celebrated history: John Byrne's 1986 miniseries "The Man of Steel." It's a story that changed the course of the oldest (and, some might say, greatest) superhero forever! Also: birthing matrices! Naked, hairy flesh! Katherine Hepburn! And more!


Top Beer: Bullets, Barrels and Bullshit Excuses

May 2, 2018

We're back to form this week with three beers each. Tim gets a little funky with his brews and Adrian takes a bullet with his papaya.


PTBN Play: #GameStruck4 - Atari 2600

May 1, 2018

Brad and Jordan kick off a new PTBN Play miniseries, looking at the four Atari 2600 games that defined the system for them.


PTBN’s NBA-Team Podcast- 2018 Conference Semis Preview

April 30, 2018

After a longer than expected hiatus (which is addressed at the top of the show), Adam Murray and Andrew Riche, Place To Be Nation's NBA-Team, are back in the saddle to venture through what remains in the 2018 NBA playoff scene. After a shockingly quick disposal of the Blazers in the first round, can the Pelicans make lightning strike twice against the gaudy Golden State Warriors? How has LeBron, at this advanced stage of his career, somehow reverted back to the beginning of his career, and can he put another spell over a team that he has owned in the past: The Toronto Raptors? Riche and Adam also discuss the Rockets/Jazz series (and how Donovan Mitchell is very much like James Harden), the highly anticipated and energetic Sixers/Celtics showdown, and much more. So suit up and take it out with the NBA-Team!


Sellers Points: Current Events - DC and Action 1000

April 29, 2018

Sellers Points is the place to be for real comic analysis, speculation and all around useless opinions as host Russell Sellers and a plethora of cohorts and special guests bring you new episodes monthly.

On this 40th episode of the show, the Hard-Traveling Fanboys, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke join first-time PTBN guest Joe Johnson and Russell to talk all things Doomsday Clock and the landmark Action Comics #1000. What stories were the best from the anthology issue? Is the new Rorschach a hit or miss? Would you leave a lonely stack of pancakes to get cold or devour the whole plate? All this and more!


PTBN Pop! Special Edition: Infinity War Recap (Spoilers)

April 28, 2018

SPOILERS! PTBN Pop's own Nick Duke, Jennifer Smith and Tim Capel take an in-depth, SPOILER-filled look at Marvel's Third Avengers film. Once again, there are MAJOR SPOILERS so proceed with caution.


Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #106: Hard Travelers for Hire — Doctor Strange

April 27, 2018

Mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke share an intense love of comic books that has made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys. Now, by listener request, Greg and Nick are embarking on a chronological voyage through the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This time, the journey brings the boys to Doctor Strange, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as the breastular character. Nick and Greg don’t see eye to eye in this one, exactly, but they definitely respect the fact that he didn’t go through 10 years of Strange medical school to be called mister.


Go Home in a Box: The Final Episode - A Quiet Place

April 25, 2018

The title says it all. It's a bittersweet ending for your podcast source of genre film discussion, as Chris and Joel attempt to go out on a high note. Join in on the discussion as the guys dissect the success story of 2018 thus far, John Krasinski's A QUIET PLACE. There are also new retro releases coming to blu-ray/dvd the week of 4/24, and the guys break them down for you one last time.

Thank you to all those who took the time to listen. Thank you especially to the crew behind the Place to Be Nation POP feed for giving a home to Go Home in a Box.


Sunday Groove #9: Our Lady Peace

April 24, 2018

Welcome to The Sunday Groove, where David Sunday discusses music of all types. David, a self-diagnosed “Music Addict” will guide your journey on a monthly basis. Each episode features a different guest and we’ll discuss different bands and music that we enjoy.

This episode features the second appearance of Tim Capel from Talk’n Pop, Survey Says, and frequent guest on Conversation Comics. We explore one of our favorite bands, Our Lady Peace. This episode also features the normal segments: Currents Spins, musical memories and comments from the listeners. Please contact me @SundayGroovePTB on twitter, or David Sunday on Facebook and let me know your thoughts and suggestions.


Talk’n Pop #3: Nick Duke and WrestleMania Weekend

April 23, 2018

In the third episode of Talk'n Pop, Jenny is fresh off her first ever Wrestlemania trip! Joining her to regale Tim with NOLA stories is Nick Duke of the Hard Traveling Fanboys! They run down the entire weekend, from booze and bars to surreal grocery shopping and unexpected van rides. There's some wrestling talk sprinkled in but this is more about the social experience of an unlikely group of people who shared a truly one of a kind weekend in New Orleans.