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October 31st, 2019    

What a Scream! The History of Horror in America

Let's go through time, and see how far back we got scared or started screaming. From Nosferatu to Frankenstein to the Blob (Not the Five Blobs) to the Conjuring and everything in between, horror has been in pop culture for decades. Join Scott Criscuolo & Jennifer Smith as they travel through time to see the highs and lows of horror in the movies, from the Universal Monster-Verse to Europe to the Exorcist and beyond. It's a great journey for any horror movie fan of any level, so sit back and enjoy!

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October 30th, 2019    

Laugh-In Theater #13 - Beetlejuice with Mirandia Berthold

In the lucky thirteenth episode of Laugh-In Theater, host Andy Atherton is joined by Mirandia Berthold (Geek & Sassy) for this special  Halloween Edition to do a live watch of the 1988 comedy, Beetlejuice. They start with a quick review of the new animated film The Addams Family and then they discuss quaint New England towns; Tim Burton’s signature design and directorial style; the genius of Michael Keaton; rules of being a ghost; having to stay in the same condition you died for eternity; the significance of the number three; children with psychic powers.  So, read your handbook for the recently deceased, avoid those pesky sand worms and whatever you do, don’t say his name three times!

October 29th, 2019    

Diamond Conversations with Chad B Episode 2: T.J. Chism (Former NY Mets Minor League Prospect)

Episode 2 of Diamond Conversations welcomes former NY Mets Minor League Pitching prospect, T.J. Chism. Growing up in Philadelphia as a die-hard Phillies fan, T.J. was drafted by the Mets in 2009 during the height of the Mets/Phillies rivalry and would quickly learn to bleed orange and blue as he joined the Mets organization at a pivotal time in the franchise's history. We get to hear some great stories centered around coaches like Frank Viola, Terry Collins, Dick Scott and Phil Regan as well as T.J.'s close friendship with reigning NL CY YOUNG award winner Jacob deGrom. 

October 28th, 2019    

Brother/Sister Re-Watch Podcast #22: The Office: Season 3 Episodes 15 & 16

Join Kevin and Mary for another jam-packed episode of The Brother/Sister Re-Watch. This week they will be covering the ins, the outs, and the what-have-yous of episodes 15+16 of The Office's third season, "Phyllis's Wedding" and "Business School", and they will be covering topics such as Michael's self-sabotaging heart, the lack of Andy, more Jim/Karen/Pam/Roy talk, Ryan's opportunism catching up to him, the use of the unseen producers and camera people, as well as a perceived crutch of the show's writing.
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October 27th, 2019    

Crystal Lake Memories: The Legacy of Friday the 13th

The face of slashers in the 1980's wore a hockey mask. Jason Voorhees is a horror icon, as is the movies he was in. Friday the 13th is one of the most iconic horror franchises ever, and in this special presentation Scott Criscuolo & Jason Sherman sit back and talk about history, deaths, characters, budgets, money, and of course...Jason! So get your machete ready, don't have sex or do drugs and maybe you'll survive!

October 25th, 2019    

Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #184: The Longbook Hunters — The Walking Dead Vol. 5: The Best Defense

 Nick and Greg are back with another entry in Walking Dead month as they continue their volume-by-volume journey through Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s The Walking Dead. In this volume, the boys marvel at the depth of the Governor, drop their jaws at the Dickensian character development and sing the praises of the simultaneously too slow and too fast pacing! Or the opposite of that. Either way, they make their controversial thoughts known! Mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke share an intense love of comic books that has made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys.

October 25th, 2019    

This Week In the NFL 2019- Week 8

Welcome to another edition of This Week in the NFL! Your cohosts the Cowboy and the humble John D'Amato take you through all the Week 8 action. As always, they make their predictions and take you in depth on the biggest matchups of the week. Enjoy!

October 24th, 2019    

The Great Debate Episode #7

In the latest episode of The Great Debate, host Andy Atherton is joined by “The Godfather” Nate Milton, Peter Winson & Matt Souza. The gang discusses and debates a variety of sports topics, including franchise relocation in each of the major sports leagues-the NFL, NBA, NHL & MLB; what their favorite months for sports are; sports rules they don’t get and some that be gotten rid of all together; what the one thing the XFL need to do to be successful this time around and who are some of their favorite fictional on-screen sports coaches. The panel also take on pop culture topics such as which actor has been the best big-screen Superman as well as rank the ones that have played the character; Brad Pitt vs. Leonardo DiCaprio; movies that could or should be re-done or spun off as a limited series on a streaming service; some underrated songs that could become big hits if used in a movie, TV show or popular commercial; and what are some bio pics that they’d like to see. And as always, the show closes with a fun rapid-fire round that runs the gamut.

October 23rd, 2019    

DC4U #20: DC Current Events for October 2019!

October was a crazy month for DC Comics! Todd and Russell are back with another Current Events episode to break down all the big happenings on the page and screen. From Superman revealing his secret identity to the world to the surprise exit of Scott Snyder from Justice League, the guys piece together the bread crumbs of the rumored upcoming Crisis and... 5G? Plus a little gushing over Titans Season 2. We *HEART EMOJI* Krypto.

October 22nd, 2019    

Laugh-In Theater - It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

In this special holiday quickie edition of Laugh-In Theater, host Andy Atherton is joined by Jennifer Smith & Mirandia Berthold (Geek N’ Sassy) to do a live watch of the 1966 Halloween special, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Before they dive into the special, the gang discusses their favorites candies, their favorite costumes that they’ve worn over the years, Halloween traditions and much more. So, before you head out the pumpkin patch, go for tricks and treats (hopefully you don’t get any rocks) and most importantly don’t be a blockhead!

October 22nd, 2019    

PTBN’s NBA-Team Podcast- 2019-20 Season Preview Part Two

Place To Be Nation’s NBA-Team is back in town on the PTBN Pop network to provide a slew of team previews for the upcoming NBA regular season. In part two of our season preview, Adam Murray and Andrew Riche discuss perennial playoff teams and potential title contenders, many of whom have new look teams. From the LeBron-AD Lakers to the Harden-Westbrook Rockets to the Durant-less Golden State Warriors, the NBA-Team will cover all ground and add some awards predictions. So suit up and take it out with the NBA-Team!

October 21st, 2019    

Pop Goes The Movies - Zombieland-Double Tap

On this episode of Pop Goes The Movies, Andy Atherton and Jennifer Smith get together to discuss the latest major movie release, Zombieland: Double Tap. In this spoiler-filled review, they discuss the major plot points of the movie as well the ending. 

October 21st, 2019    

Brother/Sister Re-Watch Podcast #21: The Office: Season 3 Episodes 13 & 14

Kevin and Mary are back for another episode of The Brother/Sister Re-Watch, and this week they are covering episodes 13+14 of The Office's third season, "The Return" and "Ben Franklin". The siblings cover a ton of topics including the creative decisions of the show, lots of Jim/Pam/Karen talk, how overbearing Andy is, Michael's moment of looking into a mirror, as well as childhood crushes and Marv Albert! 
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October 19th, 2019    

Pop Goes the Classics: The Wolf Man (1941)

The Pop Feed's trek through the Universal Monster-verse continues here on Pop Goes the Classics! Scott Criscuolo talks Lon Chaney's classic, The Wolf Man! Go back to 1941 for great music, dialogue and again expert makeup effects. And the question continues to be asked: Why can't Universal do that again today? Sit back and help answer all these questions on the newest Pop Goes the Classics!

Follow Scott on Twitter: @ptbgodfather

October 18th, 2019    

Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #183: Countdown — Worst Walking Dead Episodes

Walking Dead Month rolls on with a brand-new episode of Countdown! Nick Duke and Greg Phillips, the Hard-Traveling Fanboys, are joined by Walking Dead Month alumna Jennifer Smith to discuss the worst of the worst when it comes to AMC's The Walking Dead. The three of them unveil their picks for the five worst TWD episodes, with plenty of heavy breathing and southern accents along the way.

So pick up a can of pudding, stare longingly at an empty field and start making an elaborate plan while you listen to the latest HTF!

Mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke share an intense love of comic books that has made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys.

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