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November 29th, 2019    

Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #189: GIANT-SIZED Special Edition-The Essential Jim Ross, Volume Two

The Hard-Traveling Fanboys are the Longest-Running Weekly Episodic Comic Book Podcast in ALL of Place to be Nation. Together with the Manager Todd Weber, the HTF celebrate this Thanksgiving Season by presenting a SECOND carefully-curated selection of the greatest musical appearances from Good Old JR himself, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. Jim's unique vocal stylings continue to be the only way to truly recognize the singular achievement of never once missing, nor phoning in an episode. Featuring songs by Lizzo, Aerosmith, Lil Nas X, John Michael Montgomery, Tenacious D, the immortal Freddy Fender and more!

*celebrity voice impersonated

November 27th, 2019    

DC4U #24: Season 1 Finale

On the season finale of DC4U, Russell and Todd talk about all the things they're thankful for from DC Comics this year and some of the big things they're looking forward to in the coming months. From Brian Michael Bendis' Superman/Action Comics to Scott Snyder's epic Justice League run and some amazing offerings from DC Black Label, there's no shortage of things to stuff your eyes with on the comics shelf. Listen to their lists and then tell us what you've enjoyed most about this first season! 

November 27th, 2019    

This Week In The NFL-Week 13

Hello and welcome to another edition of This Week in the NFL!  Your favorite football guys the Cowboy and the always generous John D'Amato take you through all the week 12 action and provide an in depth look ahead to the biggest games of week 13.  Topics include Lamar Jackson and the red hot Ravens, the sputtering Patriots offense, and Saquon Barkley's weak blitz pickup skills.  Enjoy!  

November 27th, 2019    

Laugh-In Theater - A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

In this special holiday quickie edition of Laugh-In Theater, host Andy Atherton is joined by Mirandia Berthold & Jennifer Smith (Geek N’ Sassy) to do a live watch of the 1973 TV special, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Before they dive into the special, the gang discusses their favorite side dishes, dressing vs. stuffing, turkey calls, how they prefer their cranberry sauce, what the best type of pie is, Thanksgiving traditions and much more. 

November 26th, 2019    

Diamond Conversations Episode 6: Matthew Silverman on Shea Stadium’s Legacy and Carlos Beltran

This week on Diamond Conversations we welcome in Author and longtime New York Mets historian,  Matthew Silverman. Matthew's most recent release Shea Stadium Remembered: The Mets, the Jets, and Beatlemania is a tribute and look back at the hallowed grounds of Shea Stadium and all of the magical moments that you remember but some you may never have known took place in Flushing. We also discuss Carlos Beltran's return to the Mets organization as the team's new manager for the 2020 season and how that press conference somewhat paralleled Beltran's 2005 arrival as a free agent acquisition with the Mets.

November 25th, 2019    

Brother/Sister Re-Watch Podcast #26: The Office: Season 3 Finale

Join Kevin and Mary for another installment of The Brother/Sister Re-Watch, as this week they close out the third season of The Office with the season finale, "The Job". They also take the second half of the show to discuss the season in totality, discussing characters, their thoughts on the season, as well as their takes on what they consider to be high points and low points of the season. 
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November 22nd, 2019    

This Week In The NFL- Week 12

Welcome to another edition of This Week in the NFL!  The boys take a look back at Week 11 and preview all the Week 12 matchups.  Your cohosts, the Cowboy and the punctual John D'Amato, take an in depth look at the biggest games coming up this week including: Pats/Cowboys, Rams/Ravens, Seahawks/Eagles, Packers/Niners.  They also discuss the Myles Garrett incident.  Enjoy!  



November 22nd, 2019    

Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #188: Countdown — Worst Costumes

The streak lives on this week with an abbreviated and phoned in, yet all brand-new episode of Countdown! This time out, Greg and Nick are here to take down their least favorite comic book threads of all time. So listen in and hear what they consider to be the worst of the worst. Mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke share an intense love of comic books that has made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys.

November 21st, 2019    

DC4U #23: Green Lantern-The Animated Series Pilot review

One of the best DC Comics animated series of all-time lasted only one season. Green Lantern The Animated Series came along on the heels of the Ryan Reynolds live-action film and was unfortunately the bearer of that film's sins. Audiences weren't on fire for Green Lantern, but they should have been! The series gets everything right the movie got wrong. Russell and Todd revisit the show and talk about how it still lights up the screen to this day. 

November 21st, 2019    

PTBN Pop Special - Disney+ Launch

On this PTBN Pop Special, Andy Atherton, Jason Sherman, Mirandia Berthold & J Arsenio D’Amato get together to discuss the launch of the newest major streaming service, Disney+. The gang shares their thoughts from when the initial announcement was made, the impact that this will have on the other major streaming services and which are some of their favorite titles that were available upon launch. They also discuss the announced original content that is coming in the future and what some major omissions for the library seem to be. In addition, they do a mini-preview of the next major streaming services coming soon, HBOMax. 

November 19th, 2019    

PTBN Pop Special - Sitcom Tournament Preview

On this PTBN Pop Special, Andy Atherton, Todd Weber and Scott Criscuolo get together to discuss PTBN’s Greatest Sitcom Tournament. The guys look at each of the four brackets of 80 and break down the play-in and first round matchups as well as discuss their personal favorite shows and how far they’ll make it through the field of 320. They also look at which shows could be dark horses and which ones got bad draws. This is a must-listen before you fill out your personal bracket. May the best sitcom win!

November 19th, 2019    

Diamond Conversations Episode 5: Almost Yankees Author: J. David Herman

Today's Diamond Conversations welcomes Author J. David Herman. His book Almost Yankees: The Summer of ’81 and the Greatest Baseball Team You’ve Never Heard Of is an amazing look at the 1981 Columbus Clippers and focusing on their 1981 championship season. The Clippers were the New York Yankees’ Triple-A farm team in 1981 and a lot of familiar Yankee faces would make their way through Columbus during that elusive '81 season. But the story of the team as a whole and how they captured the hearts of Columbus as well as the Author himself is a fascinating story that we get to learn more about on today's podcast. 

November 18th, 2019    

Brother/Sister Re-Watch Podcast #25: The Office: Season 3 Episodes 21 & 22

Kevin and Mary are back with another installment of The Brother/Sister Re-Watch, this week covering episodes 21+22 of The Office's third season, "Women's Appreciation" and "Beach Games". The siblings cover each episode in depth and discuss the characters, scenes, writings, and themes of the show in preparation for next week's season finale.
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November 15th, 2019    

Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #187: Off the Page — Wonder Woman (1974)

Nick and Greg are back to explore another piece of comic book media. In this case, it's a curious 1974 television movie Wonder Woman! Starring Cathy Lee Crosby and a show-stealing Ricardo Montalbon, this is a different version of Wonder Woman than you've likely encountered, and one rooted in the 1970s! But does it work? Opinions may vary, and at least one Hard-Traveling Fanboy may surprise you with his takes!

November 14th, 2019    

DC4U #22: Green Lantern Month-The Four Corpsmen

Russell and Todd continue DC4U's Green Lantern Month by taking a deep dive into the beginnings of The Four Corpsmen: Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner. Who is the true greatest Green Lantern of them all? Which one is VASTLY different in his debut vs how we know him today? Who makes the best constructs? And what era Four Horsemen fits this crew? Listen and find out and then tell us who's who in your lineup! 

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