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February 27th, 2020    

Laugh-In Theater #18 - Black Dynamite With Nate Milton

In the eighteenth episode of Laugh-In Theater, host Andy Atherton is joined by “The Godfather” Nate Milton (PTBN’s Main Event) to do a live watch of the 2009 comedy, Black Dynamite. The guys discuss Blaxploitation films; underutilized actors like Michael Jai White; the 1970’s; bad acting; made up words; movie cliches; Kung Fu bitches; X-Rated Zodiac Signs; Greek gods; The Last Dragon and the great character names throughout the movie. So, go grab some chili and donuts, remember not to call and interrupt my kung fu, and don’t be a jive-ass sucka!

February 26th, 2020    

It Was a Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #21-23): “The $1.98 Beauty Show”, “Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time” & “Joe Millionaire”

It Was A Thing on TV is breaking out the Confetti, the TARDIS and the $$$.

First the gang looks at The $1.98 Beauty Show. Chuck Barris was the king of bizarre in the 1970s. The $1.98 Beauty Show proved this with it's low stakes to the oddball host, Rip Taylor.
Next, Doctor Who has been a TV staple for close to six decades. One of the oddest entries in the show happened in this 1993 crossover with Eastenders called "Dimensions in Time."
Finally, one of the most hyped shows of 2003 was Joe Millionaire. It lasted two seasons, and was off TV by the end of 2003. We look at this flash-in-the-pan which briefly made a star out of a construction worker/underwear model.

February 24th, 2020    

Brother/Sister Re-Watch Podcast #38: The Office: Season 5, Episodes 9 & 10

Kevin and Mary return for another edition of The Brother/Sister Re-Watch Podcast, and this week they are tackling episodes 9+10 of The Office's 5th season, "Frame Toby" and "The Surplus". They tackle several topics this week including Kevin's boredom with Pam, Jim making a major life decision without Pam's knowledge, Michael's selfishness again rearing it's head, and the return of everyone's favorite flesh and blood Eeyore! 
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February 20th, 2020    

The Year In Pop: 1980

In the ninth episode of The Year In Pop, co-hosts Andy Atherton and Scott Criscuolo are joined by J Arsenio D’Amato and George Ribellino to discuss all of the goings on in the news, sports, TV, music and movies for the year 1980. The guys talk in depth about the Rubik’s Cube, the start of the New York Islanders’ dynasty, The No Mas Fight, The Miracle On Ice, the Who Shot Jr? phenomenon, the death of John Lennon, 9 To 5 & Xanadu.

February 19th, 2020    

It was a Thing on TV Triple Header (episodes #18, 19 & 20): “First Night 2013″, “Super Jeopardy/Monopoly” & “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” knock-offs.

Mike, Chico and Greg's latest mix on "It Was A Thing On TV" has it all Awkwardly Timed New Years Countdowns, Jeopardy! Champions, Complicated Game Show Rules and Credit Card Debt Shredders.

First, they look back at 2012/13 in a hurried mess of a New Year's Celebration called "First Night 2013" hosted by Jamie Kennedy. This disaster of a show was predicted by Mike Judge in Idiocracy seeing as it was sponsored by Carl's Jr.
Next, the recent Jeopardy! Greatest of All-Time Tournament wasn't the first time Jeopardy! aired in ABC Primetime. We look at Super Jeopardy! from the Summer of 1990 along with it's companion show Monopoly. We hope you have patience for complex rules.
Finally, after ABC hit it big with Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, other networks tried to grab their piece of the pie. We look at three of those shows "It's Your Chance of a Lifetime", "Winning Lines" and "Twenty-One". Mike also shares his experiences on his tryout for "Twenty-One" back in 1999 including the rules of the game at the time.

February 17th, 2020    

Brother/Sister Re-Watch Podcast #37: The Office: Season 5, episodes 7 & 8

Join Kevin and Mary for another installment of The Brother/Sister Re-Watch, as this week they continue their romp through season 5 of The Office by covering episodes 7+8, "Customer Survey" and "Business Trip". While covering these episodes, the siblings discuss Pam art school odyssey, Jim and Dwight's great team up, Michael's chronic loneliness, a rare good Andy episode, and much much more!
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February 14th, 2020    

Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #200: Farewell for Now!

After nearly four years, it's come down to this: the 200th episode of the longest-running weekly episodic comic book podcast in ALL of Place to Be Nation! And sadly, it's also time for a Hard-Traveling Hiatus. Greg and Nick explain why they're taking an indefinite break from podcasting, and along the way they look back at the people who helped make 200 an achievable number. From their favorite episodes to their favorite guests, the boys reminisce and look to the future. It's a candid discussion about the very real burnout both have felt at times doing the show, and how they're planning to recharge some of their passions. Thanks to all of the fans and friends of the show! Once mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke shared an intense love of comics, which made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys. One day, it might again.

February 13th, 2020    

Looking Forward, Looking Back #8

On the latest episode of Looking Forward, Looking Back, host Andy Atherton is joined by Jennifer Smith, Tim Capel & Mirandia Berthold to review the movie releases from this past fall.  This includes: It: Chapter 2, Downton Alley, Joker, Parasite, Doctor Sleep, The Irishman, Frozen II, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, Jojo Rabbit, Knives Out, Midway, Bombshell, Cats & Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker.

February 12th, 2020    

It Was a Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #15, 16 & 17): “Flying High”, “The Star Wars Holiday Special” & “Mystery Diners”

This week's triad of episodes on It Was a Thing on TV has everything. Jiggles, Wookies and Drones!
First, Mike, Chico and Greg look at the 1978 CBS hour-long comedy "Flying High". It brought the jiggle and giggle, one of which may have been responsible for it's brief life.
Then they look at one of the first attempts to capitalize on "Star Wars Mania" in 1978 with the "Star Wars Holiday Special". Stay tuned for the 11 PM news where they talk about fighting the frizzies.
And finally it's an extended look at the Food Network reality show "Mystery Diners" where the gang talks about their favorite episodes from the series. RELEASE THE DRONE!


February 10th, 2020    

Brother/Sister Re-Watch Podcast #36: The Office: Season 5, Episodes 5 & 6

Kevin and Mary return for the latest installment of The Brother/Sister Re-Watch, and this week they are covering episodes 5+6 of The Office's 5th season, "CRIME AID" and "Employee Transfer". They discuss a ton of topics during this episode, including Michael and Holly's quick evolution, the return of Roy, the continuation of Dwight and Andy's feud, Michael Douglas, and more!
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February 7th, 2020    

Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #199: Fix It or Nix It — Birds of Prey (2002 TV series)

In honor of the release of the new film Birds of Prey, Nick and Greg turn to the DC Universe streaming app to check out the first episode of the 2002 Birds of Prey TV series. Long-maligned, this show has been largely forgotten, but can the boys save it? What works, what doesn't, and what were they thinking?!

February 7th, 2020    

This Week In The NFL- Super Bowl LIV Postmortem

Welcome to another installment of This Week in the NFL!  Your three man booth consisting of the Cowboy, the always affable John D'Amato and the volatile Cowboy Senior take a look back at the big game and give you the hard hitting analysis you have come to know and love.  After that, Cowboy Senior goes on an epic rant dissecting the Mookie Betts situation.  Enjoy!  

February 6th, 2020    

PTBN Special - Oscars 2020 Preview

In a special PTBN Pop podcast, Andy Atherton is joined by Mirandia Berthold and Paul Bernardo to preview the 92nd Academy Awards aka The Oscars. The trio breaks down all of the categories and give you their picks for who should and who will win and walk away with the trophies that night. Will it be Joker’s night or will Once Upon A Time In Hollywood clean up? Or perhaps The Irishman, Marriage Story or Jojo Rabbit be among the big winners? Let this podcast be your guide and play along during the ceremony see how you do with your predictions.

February 5th, 2020    

It Was a Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #12, 13 & 14): “Hello, Larry”, The Tommy Westphal Universe & “Supertrain”

In this week's triad of episodes on "It Was a Thing on TV" the gang looks two of the most notorious shows in TV history along with a look inside the snowglobe of Chad Allen.
First, the guys look into the Alder family as they say "Hello, Larry." Was it as bad as the critics made it sound? Can they find anything redeeming about one of the worst shows ever? Just remember, Portland is a long way from L.A.
Then Mike, Greg and Chico look into what the Tommy Westphal Universe entails, some of the weird connections of many include a fictional brand of cigarettes, and they discover a plethora of new entries.
And then ABC had one of its big shows in the 70's at sea. NBC tried to duplicate that popularity on rails. It ended up being regarded as one of the worst shows in TV history, almost bankrupting NBC. Hop aboard as we delve into "Supertrain," including music cues which were recycled years later.

February 3rd, 2020    

The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular, Episode 52: Fifth Annual Oscar Preview: Best Original Score 2019

The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular’s annual Oscar preview takes a look at 2019’s Best Original Score nominees. Glenn & Scott cover the distinctly different moods expressed in the scores for JokerMarriage Story1917Little Women, and The Rise of Skywalker — a Star Wars score by John Williams, something never before discussed on this podcast. In part 2 they discuss the one 2019 score Scott actually liked, some highlights Glenn found noteworthy, and the best single track from any score in the last five years. Glenn feels the joy of eucatastrophe, while Scott searches desperately for melodies.

Musical Selections:
“Defeated Clown” from Joker by Hildur Guðnadóttir
“Bathroom Dance” from Joker by Hildur Guðnadóttir
“Following Sophie” from Joker by Hildur Guðnadóttir (2x speed)
“What I Love About Nicole” from Marriage Story by Randy Newman
“Shouting and Shopping” from Marriage Story by Randy Newman
“Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel
“Sixteen Hundred Men” from 1917 by Thomas Newman
“Theatre in the Attic” from Little Women by Alexandre Desplat
“Ice Skating” from Little Women by Alexandre Desplat
“Main Title” from North and South by Bill Conti
“We Go Together” from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker by John Williams
“End of Story (Credits)” from Marriage Story by Randy Newman
“Main on End” from Avengers: Endgame by Alan Silvestri
“Far from Home Suite Home” from Spider-Man: Far from Home by Michael Giacchino
“Swinging Set” from Spider-Man: Far from Home by Michael Giacchino
“The Professor and the Madman” from The Professor and the Madman by Bear McCreary
“Rebirth” from Godzilla: King of the Monsters by Bear McCreary
“Portals” from Avengers: Endgame by Alan Silvestri
“Far from Home Suite Home” from Spider-Man: Far from Home by Michael Giacchino

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