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February 18th, 2021    

Feeling Good…For Now #2 “Friends of the Program

In a rare twist in the media landscape, Steve picks up his own podcast for development.
Glenn Butler rejoins the show - topics covered include the introduction of close personal friends of the show, Patches the cat, the culinary art of soda, and integrating the cosmos through native languages.
SPECTACULAR ADVICE~: Setting Intentions
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January 17th, 2021    

Feeling Good - Ep. #1

In this new podcast series, Steve Wille and friends rip through these "unprecedented times" to discover the joy in the media, pop culture, and, well, our own lives.

For the debut episode, regular co-hosts Glenn Butler and Jordan Duncan join the show to explain the nature of the podcast, positive news in the media, random nuggets of joy, pop culture recommendations, and SPECTACULAR ADVICE~

Let's come together so we can feel good…for now!

Producer: Nate Milton of the Kings of Sport. Stop what you're doing and sign up for the Patreon now!

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