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July 8th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #71-72): Herb Abrams’ UWF (Director’s Cut) and Go

what .. is .. a .. podcast .. that .. discusses .. obscure .. tv .. on .. PTBN .. Pop .. It Was A Thing on TV! .. (ding!)

This week Mike, Chico and Greg bust out the Baby Oil and Funko POP's for today's two topics.

First, back in May on the PTBN Wrestling feed, the gang looked at the Herb Abrams' Dark Side of the Ring episode on Herb Abrams. In the first episode, they go deeper into Herb's feeble attempt to topple the WWE empire with the Universal Wrestling Federation.

Following that we look at a short lived NBC word game from Late 1983-Early 1984 called "Go". Go was in the death slot of Noon and had a very short life, despite being an exciting, action packed game. All three of us look at how the game was played with the assistance of Funko POP dolls. (You wish this episode was a video podcast.) Also bad impersonations of Johnny Olson.

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July 1st, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #69-70): When Things Were Rotten & The Nutt House

This Week on It Was A Thing on TV, the gang pays tribute to a legend by looking at his two not so well known TV creations.
First, When Things Were Rotten. Mel Brooks is a legend, both for his work in film and on television.  He had something in Fall 1975 with When Things Were Rotten, but it had rotten luck and a rotten time slot versus two powerhouse shows plus it might have been a little ahead of its time.
Then, 14 years after When Things Were Rotten, Mel Brooks returned to TV with The Nutt House.  It had Mel Brooks behind it.  It had Cloris Leachman.  It had Harvey Korman.  Yet it lasted all of 5 episodes.
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June 24th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #67-68): Break The Bank & the Game Show Finales of 6/20/80 + The David Letterman Show

This week on It Was A Thing on TV we're calling the Smithsonian and asking them to put this collection into the vault!

Mike, Chico and Greg first discuss the various game shows called "Break The Bank" Three completely different shows, one was good, one was basic and one was a mess. And how does one Mrs. Mickey Kennedy Branson play a role in this?

Also this past week marked 40 years since we saw the temporary end of three game shows, each of which would all return to the airwaves by 1987. It also saw the birth of a legend, though he would make his mark in late night. We look at the three NBC game show finales of June 20, 1980 and their replacement, The David Letterman Show in this timely installment of the podcast.

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June 17th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Tripleheader (Episodes #65-66 & Live Show #2): Supermarket Sweep, We Got It Made & Press Your Luck

This week on It Was A Thing on TV the gang heads out to the supermarket and then follows it up by living the high life in a fancy NYC apartment while trying to avoid the Whammy.

First, everybody loves the action and fun on Supermarket Sweep. The show we know and love was quite different in its first season, a bare bones version with some odd additions that didn't last long. Come for the caviar, stay for Mr. Yuk.

Next, We Got It Made was a dog of a show in 1983-84 that NBC tried to get people to watch by having the cast show up on NBC broadcasts. Yet, it got a second season for the Primetime Starts at 7:30 block in 1987.

Finally, we present to you our second live show as we cover the second season premiere of Press Your Luck with Elizabeth Banks on ABC.

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June 10th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #63 & 64): “The Moneymaze” & “Open All Night”

This is the story of Gordon Fester. Born in Ohio the day before Easter. Had a normal childhood, did ok in school. Graduated from Columbus High in 1962. Now he's Open All Night, Open All Night.

Sorry about that folks. This week on It Was A Thing on TV we've got two episodes of forgotten TV that Mike, Chico and Greg will take a look at.

First, we have the 1974-75 ABC Game Show "The Moneymaze". 1975 was an amazing year for game shows, good and gimmicky. One of the gimmicky games involved people running around a giant maze, trying to win cash and prizes. It sounds corny but The Moneymaze is a fun show to watch.

Also we cover the 1981-82 sitcom "Open All Night" that was broadcast on ABC. This show was brought to our attention by Greg, as he stumbled across a cameo in the 4th episode. Open All Night is not a bad show, just short-lived because it aired on Saturday nights. But that theme song.

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Open All Night, Open All Night, Open All Night, Open All Night, Open All Night, Open All Night, Open All Night, Open All Night, Open All Night, Open All Night.

June 3rd, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Tripleheader (Episodes# 60-62): Maury Episode Titles, Primetime begins at 7:30, Love, Sidney

This week the lie detector determined you'll love this week's episodes on It Was A Thing on TV here at Place to be Nation POP.

First, what was Greg's dive down a rabbit hole after recording a few months ago became this very experimental episode. The Maury staff sure comes up with different ways to describe their DNA and lie detector shows.

Next, in the Fall 1987 television season, NBC tried starting primetime half an hour earlier than normal. The results were generally bad sitcoms and reverting to an 8 PM start time for primetime starting in Fall 1988. We look at why this block failed and Mike talks about a personal connection with someone from one of the five comedies from this block.

Finally, it seems Tony Randall was known for two shows--first and foremost, The Odd Couple, and then Love, Sidney. We make the case that it was mishandled from the start by NBC but also that some subject matter might have been material not designed for an early 80s home audience.

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May 20th, 2020    

It Was a Thing on TV Tripleheader (Episodes #57-59): “The Duck Factory,” “Second Chance/Boys Will Be Boys” & Wilkins Coffee commercials

Alert St. Peter because this week we've got another trilogy of topics for Mike, Chico and Greg to talk about on It Was A Thing on TV.
First, a sitcom with Jim Carrey!  It can't fail...can it?  (Isn't that why we're here?)  The Duck Factory was a comedy about the animation industry with very few animations, a young not-so irreverent Jim Carrey, and an established cast of characters.  What went wrong?
Next, Second Chance (1987) had a different premise but was low-rated and given a second chance.  It was stripped of its premise and turned into an average teenage boy sitcom called Boys Will Be Boys.  After 12 episodes of this retooled show, it was cancelled and not given a third chance.
Finally, brew up some coffee and enjoy this look at Jim Henson ads from the late 50s and early 60s.  The commercials were to-the-point and were effective.  Sixty years later, they are a blast to watch.
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May 13th, 2020    

It Was a Thing on TV Tripleheader (Episodes #54-56): “Mr. Ed,” “Lookwell” & “Poochinski”

On this week's tripleheader on It Was A Thing on TV, Mike, Chico and Greg wrap up their series on unsold pilots with a legendary unsold pilot and two amazingly bad ones. (Hey 1-for-3 is sometimes considered a good day at the plate).
First, the gang looks at the unsold 2004 reboot pilot of Mr. Ed. This is exhibit A on why classic shows should not be rebooted.  Mr. Ed was piloted in 2004 for FOX but like almost anything on FOX, this show had an edgy FOX twist.  Also, the computer graphics in this show were horrible, even for 2004.  You can see this pilot at
Next, Considered by some to be the best show which never made it to TV, Lookwell is a brilliant cop show spoof done by Lorne Michaels, Robert Smigel, and a young Conan O'Brien.  You can view this pilot at
Finally, for now, we wrap up our look at pilots with a very bizarre one from 1990, where a dead cop's soul enters the body of a bulldog.  Poochinski is a weird pilot you have to see at least once.  You can view the complete pilot at
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May 6th, 2020    

It Was a Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #51-53): “The High Court with Doug Benson,” “Infiltrator” and “Where’s Rodney?”

This week on It Was A Thing on TV, Mike, Chico and Greg are going to the ...... high court.
First, we present you with submission #420.  The High Court with Doug Benson was like any other court show with a marijuana twist.  Blink and you missed it because it went up in smoke fast.
Next, we return to our ongoing series on unsold pilots. Infiltrator is a sci-fi show not unlike previous installment Automan.  A pre-Quantum Leap Scott Bakula is merged with a probe to become Infiltrator. Oh boy.
Finally, we look at the NBC entry from 1990, Where's Rodney?, where Rodney Dangerfield plays a confused teenager's confidant.  You can see this pilot with commercials at
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April 29th, 2020    

It Was a Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #48-50): “Malcolm” Pilot, “Greg the Bunny” & “Tag Team” Pilot

Animated TV Sidekicks, Living Puppets and Wrestling Police Officers! Oh My!

On this week's triad of episode on "It Was A Thing on TV" the gang tackles a variety of subjects.
First, what happens when you mix Alex Trebek and a crudely animated sidekick?  You get the unaired pilot Malcolm, a show done for NBC in 1983. 
Second, we look at a world where puppets and humans coexist on Greg the Bunny. We take a look at this weird short lived FOX TV show from around 2002.
Finally, combine wrestling with a cop show and what do you get?  You get a show which almost made ABC's lineup in the early 90s, Tag Team.  You can watch the episode at and follow along with this installment.  We even included commentary about the commercials.
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April 15th, 2020    

It Was a Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #42-44) “The Dana Carvey Show,” Hulk Hogan’s Commercial Compendium & “TV Funhouse”

This Week's Triad of Episodes of It Was A Thing on TV is gonna have your oowing and aahing BROTHER!
First, The Dana Carvey Show had future superstars among its supporting cast and a who's who of comedy writers but why did it fail so quickly, besides the absurd show airing immediately after a very special episode of Home Improvement?  We look at why this show was truly too funny to fail. 
Next, We look at ads Hulk Hogan has done over the years, from the conventional to the bizarre. Just remember to eat your Hulkroos at Pastamanaia before listening BROTHER!
Finally, Comedy Central's TV Funhouse was from some of the minds associated with The Dana Carvey Show. It looked like a kid's show, but it was definitely not for the kids.
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April 8th, 2020    

It Was a Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #39-41) “Night Stand with Dick Dietrick”, “The Cool Kids” & (not that) “Double Dare”

On this week's entries on It Was A Thing on TV, Mike, Chico and Greg look at daytime talk show spoofs, hijinks at a retirement home and isolation booths featuring men named Dr. Lee Franz!

First, we talk about the ultimate spoof of daytime talk shows, Night Stand with Dick Dietrick.  Topics in this show include successes (and a failure) which came for most of the people behind Night Stand, the time there was an accidental wardrobe malfunction, and what happened when Mike wrote an e-mail to the show.
Next, we look at one of the most recent entries on our list, The Cool Kids.  It was co-created by Charlie Day, it had brilliant writing and casting, and it was loaded with TV legends.  What could go wrong?
Finally, Take a risk!  Take a chance!  Take a dare!  We double dare you to listen to this episode about the short-lived 1976-77 Goodson-Todman quizzer Double Dare (Not THAT Double Dare, the other one!)
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April 1st, 2020    

It Was a Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #36-38): “Pink Lady (and Jeff)”, TV-Show Video Games & “The Critic.”

This Week on It Was A Thing on TV. Real Men Don't Need Instructions. 

In the first subject of the day, Mike, Chico and Greg look at the 1980 NBC variety show Pink Lady (and Jeff). It was the epitome of Fred Silverman's tenure at NBC.  What do you get when you cross a Japanese pop duo with a comedian and turn it into a variety show?  You get Pink Lady.
Second, we talk about various video games based on TV shows over the years. The crew talks about some of the worst TV based games including American Gladiators on Super Nintendo, ALF for PC, Home Improvement on Super Ninendo and yes Superman on Nintendo 64.
Finally, the gang starts a series on great short lived TV shows by talking about the 1994-95 animated comedy The Critic! This show bounced around a bit, but had a lengthy life in reruns and even was revived as a brief web series in 2000. 
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March 25th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #33-35): 50k Pyramid, “It’s Your Move” & “The Mad Dash”

The week It Was A Thing on TV says "It's Your Move".
First, The $50,000 Pyramid is the forgotten version of the Pyramid franchise and for good reason.  We talk about the changes to the short-lived version and the celebrities on this version.
Next, One of the most requested shows in this podcast's short life has been It's Your Move.  We look at why this brilliant series had such a short life, how it was a predecessor of future shows, and what exactly The Dregs of Humanity has to do with this show.
Finally, Did you ever want to win a disco date or a dinner for 2?  You could on the classic Canadian series The Mad Dash!  In this episode, we look at this life-sized board game adaptation from the 1970s and 1980s.

March 18th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #30-32): XFL (2001),”Beat the Clock/Whew!” & Bill Cullen’s Failed Game Shows

This week It Was A Thing on TV provides you with No Fair Catches, Longshots and Winning Streaks!

First, the new and vastly improved iteration of the XFL began play last month.  We look back at the original XFL from 2001 and where it went wrong, from being too much like the WWE to the absolute lack of decent players.  Almost 20 years later, we're wonder who exactly hated "He Hate Me."
Next, we look at two memorable shows from Fall 1979, albeit memorable for differing reasons.  Beat the Clock was quite a departure from previous versions of that show, and Whew! was funny and engaging but had a confusing rule set.  Ultimately, both shows died in part to a common desperate last gasp attempt to gain viewers--making the shows celebrity-based.
Finally, February 18th marked the 100th birthday of The Dean of Game Shows, Bill Cullen.  We look at three of his less successful shows--Winning StreakThe Love Experts, and Pass the Buck.

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