Go Home in a Box: Episode 27 - “The Hudson Horror Show”

On this very special edition of Go Home in a Box, your hosts Chris Jordan and Joel La Puma talk to the founding father of one of the east coast's foremost film festival. Chris Alo of the Hudson Horror Show joins the guys to talk about the day-long festivities that take place on December 16th at the Empire South Hills 8 in Poughkeepsie, NY. They will have screenings of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Blacula, Savage Streets, The Boogens and Prison (as well as a mystery movie), all in the form that they were always intended them to be screened: 35mm! Chris, Joel and Chris will also be discussing each film lined up. But first, Chris & Joel get into the week's new retro releases on blu-ray/dvd (11/7 release date) with such high cinema as Darkman II and III.

It's a great show, so check out why Go Home in a Box should be your podcast source for genre film discussion.
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