”It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 299 & 300 - Manimal Revisited/Automan Revisited

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we celebrate our 299th and 300th editions by revisiting two of our earliest topics!


First, in our second 'revisited' episode, we go back to the first half of episode 3 and take a second look at the short-lived NBC perennial bomb Manimal.  We get deeper into the show, the guests, and we have Chico present this time around.


Then, we have reached another milestone, this time looking back at the show covered in the second half of episode 3.  Unlike the first time, Chico is with us this time and thankfully can make the trip with us to Zippers?!?! Also, Greg has a major announcement which is truly a game changer. What is the major announcement? You have to listen to Episode 300 and find out!


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0:30 - Manimal Revisited

1:36:33 - Automan Revisited

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