It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 301, 302 & 303 - Ferris Bueller/Teachers Only/Star Trek: The Animated Series

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we head back to school while taking a field trip to the Starship Enterprise.


First, we start this week talking about why some movies should not make the transition to TV shows. Ferris Bueller had very little in common with the movie, and the title character makes that known in the first 2 minutes of the pilot.  But it did have Jennifer Aniston.


Next, we focus not on a TV show about the students, but rather the educators themselves.  Teachers Only had a short first season, but underwent a major overhaul of the cast (and even a new theme) for a slightly longer second season.


Finally, September 8th was Star Trek Day and we're talking about what is considered a continuation of the original series, done four years after the original's cancellation.  Is this true Star Trek canon?  Judge for yourself as we dive into Star Trek: The Animated Series.

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0:30 - Ferris Bueller

1:02:59 - Teachers Only

2:19:02 - Star Trek: The Animated Series

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