Pop Goes The Classics - Monsters, Inc. Live Watch

On a special episode of Pop Goes The Classics, Andy Atherton is joined by Logan Crosland to do a live watch of 2001’s Monsters, Inc. Originally broadcasted live on Stream Lounge, the duo gives their thoughts on the physical comedy of Mike & Sully; the duo of Billy Crystal and John Goodman; the monsterization of the city of Monstropolis; scare training; the engineering of the scare floor; impressive scare totals; poor George Sanderson; 2319s; bad coffee; odorant scents; Boo the ninja; the sushi greeting; alphabetized DVDs; Bring Your Obscure Relative To Work Day; singing on the toilet; the horrific ways monsters dispose of garbage; Randall’s nefarious plot; mispronounced insults; Sully’s scare face; the best places to be banished; fighting an invisible opponent; Waternoose’s heel turn; hope for a Monsters, Inc. rollercoaster; Roz, undercover agent and Mike’s bad jokes.


To watch along on Stream Lounge, click this link:


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