Talk’n Pop #12: My Father, The Hero

In lieu of a guest this month, Jenny and Tim sit down to live watch a film that gives them many Complex Feelings. 1994's My Father the Hero is a family (?) movie that features a teen-aged Katherine Heigl on vacation in the Bahamas with her father, Gerard Depardieu. Then she leads a boy working at the resort to believe Gerard is in fact her boyfriend. Because....reasons? Tim and Jenny discuss dirty old men, super young Katherine Heigl, water-skiing, The Baha Men, vacation activities, daddy issues, Jaws: The Revenge 2, and so much more!! There may even be a few shoot revelations about one of the co-hosts.  Only here on Talk'n Pop! 

*Producer's note: The opening bit is not an editing error, I left it in because I thought it was funny* 
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