The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular, Episode 1: The Hunger Games

The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular kicks off when the now-titular Glenn Butler (Wednesday Walk, Super Extreme Vault) welcomes his brother Scott to the land of podcasts and welcomes listeners to a deep dive into the Hunger Games series. They discuss the hugely successful film franchise along the following criteria: 1. Did Glenn understand the story despite never reading any of the books, or did the movies leave out too many details in favor of flash and explosions? 2. Was Scott satisfied that the books and the movies are telling the same story, or was it garbled beyond recognition in the transition from novel to screenplay? Other topics covered include the construction of competing mythologies, the mechanisms of soft vs. hard population control, Capitol Couture, personal agency, a Love Triangle of Doom, depictions of trauma, whether it’s possible to depict war without ennobling it, and pairs of actors that Glenn can’t tell apart.

0:00:23 – Intro
0:08:30 – The Hunger Games
1:14:26 – Catching Fire
2:11:56 – Mockingjay Part I
2:56:03 – Mockingjay Part II

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