The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular, Episode 20: This Is All a Damned Inconvenience – Star Trek: Nemesis

A generation comes to its end as Star Trek: Nemesis takes its place in the latest Star Trek film vault edition of The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular. Glenn & Scott are joined by Steven Graham to try to figure out just what Shinzon’s plan is and how it’s supposed to work, what it means to seize the means of production on Romulus, how well the movie explores its ideas about mirroring and nature vs. nurture, action scenes that feel like they’re there to be used in a video game, and how the final voyage of The Next Generation treats The Next Generation. So set a collision course for the latest edition of The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular! (Warning: discussion of sexual assault.)

If you have any questions or suggested topics for a future Star Trek mailbag episode of the Spectacular, contact Glenn or comment on the PTBN Facebook page!

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