The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular, Episode 22: Captain of the Enterprise – Star Trek (2009)

JJ Abrams arrives in the Star Trek film vault as The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular hits the 2009 movie. Glenn & Scott welcome special guest Greg Phillips for an extensive discussion of how Trek was rejuvenated for its eleventh film outing, what was involved in bringing the original series to the big screen in a way it had never been before, the different takes the new cast has on their roles, new designs for familiar objects & environments, how the movie has its cake and eats it too by moving the action to an alternate universe, Fratboy Dudebro Jim Kirk, and the many ways that Star Trek was brought back from the wilderness. Scott’s analysis of the title card in particular is not to be missed. So tune in to the new edition of The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular — you can do zat!

(Note: This show was recorded before the death of Anton Yelchin, and as such does not address the sad and untimely news. Also, as this show was running long and the customary score discussion promised to be a lengthy one on its own, that topic was spun out into its own supplemental episode. Look for that episode directly following this one in your blog and podcast feeds.)

If you have any questions or suggested topics for a future Star Trek mailbag episode of the Spectacular, contact Glenn or comment on the PTBN Facebook page!

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