The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular, Episode 7: Where No One’s Ever Flown – Star Trek: The Motion Picture

To mark Star Trek’s 50th-anniversary year, The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular launches a special rewind series examining the twelve Trek films, leading up to the release of the thirteenth this July! In this installment, the journey begins with a dive into Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Glenn & Scott Butler look at the first Star Trek movie’s development, its pacing issues, its iconic score, its relationship with fandom as it existed in the 70’s, which pieces of the original series are retained and which are discarded, new characters that are introduced and done away with in short order, beloved characters whose actual characterization might be considered thin, the effect the film had on the franchise’s development heading into the eighties, and whether it deserves its poor reputation. Tune in to find out how many times Scott can say the phrase “dreadfully dull” in eighty-four minutes!

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