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September 23rd, 2020    

It Was a Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #93 & 94): Into The Sanfordverse Parts 1 & 2

This week on It Was a Thing on TV is the big one Elizabeth!

Over these next two episodes, we will explore the three spinoffs of Sanford and Son, as well as the show which caused Sanford and Son to end.  In part one, we look at the first spinoff, Grady, as well as the show which effectively killed the mothership, The Redd Foxx Comedy Hour.

In part two, we have two more visits in the Sanford and Son family--the very short-lived series which replaced the parent show, titled Sanford Arms, and an early 80s attempt to revive the franchise in Sanford.  

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September 16th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #91 & 92): Double Dare (1985) and The worst Monday Night Football game ever

This week on It Was A Thing on TV, bust out the Colt 45 as Mike, Chico and Greg review a pair of topics that will leave you as muddy as the sod at Heinz Field.

First, it's not the Double Dare from 1976 which was previously covered, nor is it the Double Dare on Nickelodeon a year later.  This Double Dare was a cop show in the vein of Miami Vice which lasted just over a month on CBS, starring TV's Wiseguy and the guy who is as cool as the cool side of the pillow.

Next, last week marked the start of the 2020 NFL season (Who knows how long it will last...)  In celebration of the start of the new season, we look at what is considered the worst Monday Night Football game, a 2007 affair between the Miami Dolphins and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Though Miami had a forgettable team that year, that wasn't the primary reason this game was bad.

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We want the thumb to go this direction!

September 9th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #89 & 90): Learning The Ropes & Golden Balls

Today on It Was A Thing on TV we will learn important life lessons about struggling with two jobs as a wrestler and a teacher along with the importance of holding on to your balls.

First, when late 80s family sitcoms and wrestling overlap, the end result is the short-lived Canadian entry Learning the Ropes, starring Lyle Alzado and the stars of the NWA.  We also determine the Canadian equivalents of TV shows it seems everything goes back to.

Then, from the era of Deal or No Deal, we get a game of luck, truth telling, psychology, some memory, and lots of balls.  2/3 of us didn't like it.  If you like it, you likely will really enjoy Golden Balls.  It was popular for a brief period of time, but quickly faded away to obscurity. 

Link to weirdest Split or Steal round ever:

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September 2nd, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #87 & 88): Collegiate Comedies of 1975 & AfterMASH

This week on It Was A Thing on TV it's time to go back to school as Mike, Chico and Greg learn that suicide is painless.
First, we're going back to school with three shows from early 1979, which tried capitalizing off the success of Animal House.  All three were busts, though each show produced quality future talent.  Also in this show, Mr. Whipple typecasting and ZIPPER?!
Then, M*A*S*H is one of television's most popular shows ever, yet its spinoff AfterMASH lasted less than a season and a half.  Was it too derivative from the parent show's plot?  Did it just run its course?
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August 26th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Tripleheader (Episode #85, Minisode #2 & Episode #86): ‘80 Collegiate Cheerleading Championships, Mr. Microphone & Playboy’s Roller Disco & Pajama Party

This week on It Was A Thing on TV we talked about the jiggle factor way back in Episode 15 with "Flying High" this week we bring you two examples of this along with a memorable product featured in commercials around that time.

First, like many things in the 70s and 80s, minor happenings were turned into celebrity-laden events for television.  It happened to collegiate cheerleading in 1980, infusing it with such personalities as Magic Johnson, Catherine Bach, and...Willie Shoemaker?

Next, as an homage to the recent Omnibus podcast episode about Ronco, we look at commercials for what is likely Ronco's most popular product, Mr. Microphone. Also Greg's dad also proposes new rules to football.  

Finally, join two of the top playboys from the 1970s, Hugh Hefner and Richard Dawson, for a night of roller skating, disco music, and tastefully done Playboy photo shoots in this 1979 special which epitomizes the late 70s nicely.

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Hey good looking we'll be back to pick you up later.

August 19th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #83 & 84): David Letterman Shows Within The Show & Steve Martin’s The Winds of Whoopee

First, who doesn't enjoy late night television's comedy bits between the monologue and the first guest?  We like them so much, we are devoting episodes to such segments which we affectionately call "shows within the show."  Our first look at late night shows within the show is David Letterman, running the gamut from a troubled teen who is clearly not a troubled teen, to a spoof of one of the most popular and controversial shows of the day.
Next, in February of 1983, ABC aired the highly anticipated miniseries "The Winds of War." As counter programming, NBC aired a comedy special with Steve Martin called ...... "The Winds of Whoopee". This episode is shorter than usual because under half of it is online and it is more of a retrospective than anything.  But really, that title is why we're here.
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Seriously, Greg might die of laughter by the time this episode is posted over "The Winds of Whoopee."

August 12th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Tripleheader (Episode #81, Minisode 1 & Episode 82): Tribute to Regis/Taskmaster (US)/Blind Justice

This week on It Was A Thing on TV we pour one out for Regis while Mike laments about a short lived American version of a popular British show and Greg wonders what Steven Bochco was thinking in 2005.

First, in episode 80, while we were recording that episode, word broke that Regis Philbin passed away.  We felt we should honor the television legend both by looking back at one of his more forgettable shows, The Neighbors, but also by offering up our memories and favorite Regis moments, including Regis on Password Plus with someone from a previous entry.

Next, earlier this month the CW aired the amazing British version of Taskmaster. It wasn't the first appearance of the creative competition show.  Comedy Central had a series of 8 episodes in 2018 which quickly disappeared.  If it's so good, what happened?

Finally, back in 2005 ABC was breaking new ground with Desperate Housewives and Lost. Another show in the mix which absolutely bombed was the Steven Bochco police procedural Blind Justice.  This is the first show where all three of us gave up on it.  It's that bad.

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Seriously folks Blind Justice is really bad.

August 5th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #79 & 80): Condo & The Noel Edmonds Show

This week on It Was A Thing on TV, the gang looks at a pair of short-lived shows from ABC back in the 1980's.
First, two families tied together through relationships struggle with each other on an ABC sitcom in the early 80s.  Where have we heard that?  Soap, but also this entry from people who brought you Soap--the McLean Stevenson vehicle Condo.  Could this series have gotten a popular emcee his iconic hosting gig? 
Then, in 1986, Bruce Forsyth wasn't the only UK entertainer to be imported by ABC.  For one week, UK legend Noel Edmonds had his own self-titled talk show following Nightline.  Even throwing out a gaggle of superstar guests didn't get the show a longer run.  
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Santa Maria!

July 29th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #77 & 78): The WTF Stories of Unsolved Mysteries & The Hollywood Game

Join us on It Was A Thing on TV this week as perhaps you can help us solve a mystery.
First, everybody loves Unsolved Mysteries.  In honor of the recent reboot on Netflix, we look at a dozen of the more bizarre stories from the original series including stories involving a magic rock, lightning strikes, and a death chair.
Then, from a listener request, we look at the very short-lived CBS entry from summer 1992, The Hollywood Game, where your knowledge of movies past and present could pay off handsomely.
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July 22nd, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #75 & 76): Video Power & Xavier: Renegade Angel

Break out the NES while we head out on a journey into the desert for this week's topics on It Was A Thing on TV.
First, Video Power--is it a video game cartoon or a video game game show?  ¿Porque no los dos?  This might be the only show we will cover which can be classified as a show in two different genres, while keeping the general premise intact.
Then, we hit the most bizarre show we'll ever cover on this show (yes, more bizarre than Cheap Cheap Cheap) as we look at the 2007-09 Adult Swim cartoon "Xavier: Renegade Angel". Greg took copious notes on each of the 20 episodes of this Adult Swim series which makes Aqua Teen Hunger Force look straight-laced.  
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July 15th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #73 & 74): The 20/20 Premiere & Password All-Stars + Password ‘75

This week on It Was A Thing on TV, the gang looks at a pair of popular TV shows that had some problems during the 1970's.

First, 20/20 has been a television staple for over four decades. Its start was a different beast than the 20/20 we have seen for years, from a graphic expose to words and their definitions to Claymation animations.

Then, Password is a timeless classic which came off as dated in 1974. What's a show to do? Raise the stakes, upgrade the set, and for a brief while in 1974 and 1975, turn it into a celebrity tournament. These changes didn't help, as the show was off the air by mid-1975.

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Courage, we're all in it together.

July 8th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #71-72): Herb Abrams’ UWF (Director’s Cut) and Go

what .. is .. a .. podcast .. that .. discusses .. obscure .. tv .. on .. PTBN .. Pop .. It Was A Thing on TV! .. (ding!)

This week Mike, Chico and Greg bust out the Baby Oil and Funko POP's for today's two topics.

First, back in May on the PTBN Wrestling feed, the gang looked at the Herb Abrams' Dark Side of the Ring episode on Herb Abrams. In the first episode, they go deeper into Herb's feeble attempt to topple the WWE empire with the Universal Wrestling Federation.

Following that we look at a short lived NBC word game from Late 1983-Early 1984 called "Go". Go was in the death slot of Noon and had a very short life, despite being an exciting, action packed game. All three of us look at how the game was played with the assistance of Funko POP dolls. (You wish this episode was a video podcast.) Also bad impersonations of Johnny Olson.

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July 1st, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #69-70): When Things Were Rotten & The Nutt House

This Week on It Was A Thing on TV, the gang pays tribute to a legend by looking at his two not so well known TV creations.
First, When Things Were Rotten. Mel Brooks is a legend, both for his work in film and on television.  He had something in Fall 1975 with When Things Were Rotten, but it had rotten luck and a rotten time slot versus two powerhouse shows plus it might have been a little ahead of its time.
Then, 14 years after When Things Were Rotten, Mel Brooks returned to TV with The Nutt House.  It had Mel Brooks behind it.  It had Cloris Leachman.  It had Harvey Korman.  Yet it lasted all of 5 episodes.
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June 24th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Twin Pack (Episodes #67-68): Break The Bank & the Game Show Finales of 6/20/80 + The David Letterman Show

This week on It Was A Thing on TV we're calling the Smithsonian and asking them to put this collection into the vault!

Mike, Chico and Greg first discuss the various game shows called "Break The Bank" Three completely different shows, one was good, one was basic and one was a mess. And how does one Mrs. Mickey Kennedy Branson play a role in this?

Also this past week marked 40 years since we saw the temporary end of three game shows, each of which would all return to the airwaves by 1987. It also saw the birth of a legend, though he would make his mark in late night. We look at the three NBC game show finales of June 20, 1980 and their replacement, The David Letterman Show in this timely installment of the podcast.

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June 17th, 2020    

It Was A Thing on TV Tripleheader (Episodes #65-66 & Live Show #2): Supermarket Sweep, We Got It Made & Press Your Luck

This week on It Was A Thing on TV the gang heads out to the supermarket and then follows it up by living the high life in a fancy NYC apartment while trying to avoid the Whammy.

First, everybody loves the action and fun on Supermarket Sweep. The show we know and love was quite different in its first season, a bare bones version with some odd additions that didn't last long. Come for the caviar, stay for Mr. Yuk.

Next, We Got It Made was a dog of a show in 1983-84 that NBC tried to get people to watch by having the cast show up on NBC broadcasts. Yet, it got a second season for the Primetime Starts at 7:30 block in 1987.

Finally, we present to you our second live show as we cover the second season premiere of Press Your Luck with Elizabeth Banks on ABC.

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